Will Kevin Bacon Join Zac Efron in 'Footloose' Remake? 'Never Say Never,' Says Actor

Kevin BaconIf you thought it was hard to watch movies of your youth remade, think how weird it must be if you starred in them. It has to feel weird, something akin to deja vu to walk into see posters and trailers for your old movie ... but with someone else's face.

But at least one actor isn't harboring hurt feelings -- Kevin Bacon. As you know, Zac Efron is planning to star in Paramount's "Footloose" remake, reprising the role that launched Bacon's career in 1984. Bacon told MTV that he’s more than ready to hand over his dancing shoes to Efron. “I am. I've got the Footloose baton. Where did I put that baton? I think it's in the hall closet. If it's not it might be under my bed somewhere, but I'm ready to hand it to him ... Absolutely. He’d be great.”

And for the uninitiated, what does that “Footloose” baton look like? “It’s long and fat.”

Remakes generally can be guaranteed to have one thing – a cameo by its original stars. Bacon said no one at Paramount has yet approached him with one. But would he be interested if they did? “Never say never.”

Watch out, Efron! Looks like Bacon still has those sexy moves.

Are you looking forward to seeing Efron tear up the dance floor in "Footloose," or should they be leaving the 80's classic alone? Let us know below.