'Terminator: Salvation' Sequel Becomes Self-Aware

'The Day the Earth Stood Still'It's my personal belief that Skynet is going to become self-aware and destroy humanity not via Twitter, Facebook, and iPhone, but by slowly taking over the film industry until every film is a "Terminator" film. They're smart, those Terminator models -- they know Sarah Connor warned us of all their other avenues, so they found a way for us to embrace their takeover. They hired Christian Bale. We'll accept any takeover as long as it stars Bale, right?

According to Variety, there's already a fifth "Terminator" film in the works by Halycon Co, who are working closely with director McG. The plan was to delay all plans until "Terminator: Salvation" was released next May, but the buzz has been so overwhelmingly positive that they're going full steam ahead with the next chapter.

"We feel the time is now to start shaping the next part of this," says Halycon's Victor Kubicek. They have even announced a tenative release date of 2011.

McG has previously stated that he "mapped out" a trilogy of films that will kick off with "Terminator: Salvation," and Bale has signed for three films. So, you can be content knowing that Bale's John Connor will lead humanity to victory -- but the war obviously doesn't end in a single night, as he promises in the new "Salvation" trailer.

In the meantime, you can start your "Will Arnold Schwarzenegger be in it?" speculation now, since the governor ends his term in 2010.

MTV readers, are you up for a fifth Terminator with Christian Bale? Will you wait until "Terminator: Salvation" to discuss its sequel? Or are you on Terminator overload?