'Day The Earth Stood Still' Takes Top Spot, In This Weekend's Box Office

'The Day the Earth Stood Still'#1. "The Day the Earth Stood Still" ($31 million)

#2. "Four Christmases" ($13.3 million)

#3. "Twilight" ($8.01 million)

#4. "Bolt" ($7.51 million)

#5. "Australia" ($4.29 million)

20th Century Fox may have had a weak year at the box office -- but "The Day the Earth Stood Still" came through for them over the weekend, grossing $31 million domestically, and $70 million worldwide.

Then again, it was an easy weekend for "Earth," with only two new films to compete with -- Freddy Rodriguez and John Leguizamo's "Nothing Like the Holidays," which came in at #7 with $3.5 million, and the animated "Delgo," which brought in a sad $915,840, and didn't even crack the top ten.

In fact, "Delgo" now holds the record for worst opening ever for a movie playing at over 2,000 screens. In comparison, "Doubt" opened in a limited run of 15 theaters and brought in $525,000, and "Gran Torino" earned $284,000 at a mere 6 theaters.

"Four Christmases," "Twilight," and "Bolt" continue to do solid business, each dropping a spot, but hanging in that top five. "Australia" is hanging in there, but the epic romance just hasn't taken off the way anyone hoped.

Despite the numbers "Earth" did, the overall box office is down about 44% from last year, when "I Am Legend" opened at $77.2 million and "Alvin and the Chipmunks" at $44.3 million. While movies continue to be fairly recession proof, the economy seems to be taking its toll -- or maybe the movie offerings just aren't as appealing to audiences.

Upcoming Releases

Will Smith's drama "Seven Pounds, Jim Carrey's comedy "Yes Man," and "The Tale of Despereaux" are the big releases for next Friday. We'll probably see a change-up in the top five!

So what movies did you wind up seeing this weekend, readers? Chime in below.