EXCLUSIVE: Common Writing ‘Terminator’-Inspired Song For ‘Salvation’ Soundtrack

The “Terminator: Salvation” countdown to armageddon is in full force these days, as a new trailer and new “living” poster have flooded the web. Now, chart-topping rapper/actor Common has some big news to help stir the pot: He’ll be contributing an original song to the film’s soundtrack, with lyrics inspired by those terrifying Terminator robots.

As he prepared to release his 8th album “Universal Mind Control” this week, Common was eager to discuss his excitement at not only acting in the Christian Bale flick, but also once again uniting the two loves of his life. “Yes, definitely,” he said when asked if he’d contribute a song to the “Terminator” album, as he did with “Smokin’ Aces” a few years back. “I would love to put a song on it, and I will do something for the soundtrack, as soon as that is going I will do something for it.”

In the film Common portrays Barnes, a righteous freedom fighter who battles alongside John Connor (Bale) and is trying to keep humanity alive. Remembering that he watched James Cameron’s original “Terminator” as a child, the rapper said that his recently-wrapped work got him thinking, and now he’s eager to lay down some rhymes about those red-eyed ultimate killing machines.

“Yeah, I believe it should be Terminator-inspired,” revealed Common, whose new website tracks his movie and music news, and launched recently. “So, I’m going to figure out a way to make it fresh.”

The only problem, one might think, would be coming up with applicable rhymes for “Terminator.” But Common promised it won’t be a problem.

“Oh man: Terminator, um, innovator, illustrator,” he laughed. “See? I can do that right now.”

Are you a fan of Common’s rapping, acting, both, or neither? What do you think about him writing a “Terminator”-inspired song?

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