Things We Learned From 'Quantum of Solace'

Daniel CraigContributed by John Bobey

As "Quantum of Solace" continues its worldwide box office reign, it's easy to miss the little details that made it so memorable. Thankfully, here's a list of those handy life lessons.

- Quantum isn't a multi-vitamin, but an international crime syndicate.

- When in pursuit of foreign operatives, it's pretty much guaranteed that if you dart in to any random locker room, you'll find a Tom Ford tuxedo in exactly your too!

- The Green movement is a front for evil geniuses who really don't love the environment (though I've suspected that for a while).

- M is kind of a ball buster.

- All CIA agents have a moustache.

- Women who try to kill you, in actuality, want to have sex with you.

- If you sense that someone is hiding behind the drapes in a hotel room, poised to kill you,'re probably right.

- Don't be fooled -- even frail, effete crime kingpins are awesome fighters.

- Captured villains are remarkably witty, even when they're about to be tortured .

- Criminals use those shiny silver briefcases exclusively.

- Apparently, agents in the British Secret Service never need to:

Reload their guns




Exercise (yet are totally ripped)

Pay for anything, anywhere

Use the bathroom


Experience jet lag

Use condoms


- Forget's the Bolivians!

MTV Readers, what did YOU learn from "Quantum of Solace"? Share below.