Luke Perry, Lauren Holly Ride Out Uwe Boll's 'The Storm'

Uwe BollYes, that's right -- Uwe Boll is making another movie. He'll never stop, you know. It doesn't matter how many petitions we sign, and how much we complain and flame, it only fuels his film making fervor. But at least your favorite video game is safe this time, as this time he's taking a break and going apocalyptic with "The Storm." And as always, he has managed to land a cast that should know better. According to The Hollywood Reporter, he's attracted the talents of Lauren Holly and Luke Perry.

Holly plays a dedicated wife and mother who is faced with more than getting the kids to soccer practice -- the end of days is coming. She meets a mysterious stranger named Silas (played by Perry) who holds the key to the world's impending doom.

At least this time, Boll didn't manage to land a bizarrely impressive line-up of actors like Ray Liotta, Sir Ben Kinglsey, or Jason Statham. Yet, I can't help but wonder how he even managed to land Perry or Holly. Sure, both of these actors have been flying under the radar for awhile, but does that recent lack of success really condemn them to Uwe Boll territory? Isn't there some other part they could take? Didn't anyone warn them?

MTV readers, it's your turn to sound off on the wonder that is Boll. Any fans of his out there? Or do you read about his latest film feeling confused and frightened?