Amy Adams Reliving Her 'Ten Best Days' To Get Into Heaven

Amy Adams in 'Enchanted'Who would kill off the darling Amy Adams for a movie? 20th Century Fox and director Shawn Levy, that's who. According to Variety, Adams is set to star in "The Ten Best Days of My Life," which reunites her with Levy, who directed her in "Night at the Museum: Battle of the Smithsonian."

Based on the book by Adena Halpern, "Life" is the story of Alex and her dog, Peaches, who find themselves in Heaven after a fatal car accident. However, things don't seem too bad -- Alex discovers the delights of Seventh Heaven, a level of the afterlife where all one's dreams can come true. In her case, that's designer clothes, a handsome soulmate, eating without gaining weight, and eternity with Peaches. But to stay there, she must pass its entrance exam, otherwise she'll be demoted to the fourth level where things just aren't as posh. Worst than that, she'll lose Peaches, as dogs are automatically given a pass into Seventh Heaven.

To prove she lead a worthwhile life, she must describe the ten best days of her life. Are you crying yet? You probably will be by the end of the film!

Adams became involved with the project after Levy discovered her reading the book while filming "Smithsonian." As he and Halpern are friends, getting the rights and making it into a star vehicle for Adams was a breeze. The film will also mark Adams' debut as a producer. Sounds like heaven for all involved, doesn't it?

Readers, are you ready to die and go to heaven with Amy Adams? Or does this sound like it might demand too much Kleenex?