Russell Brand Eyes Remake Of Dudley Moore's 'Arthur'

Russell BrandIf there's one role Russell Brand can probably play in his sleep, it's an irresponsible, boozy playboy -- and he's looking to play one of the most iconic rascals of all. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Brand is in talks to star in a remake of "Arthur" for Warner Bros. Brand is meeting with screenwriters to develop the project, undoubtedly with an eye to giving it a personal, manic twist.

The original "Arthur" centered around an unambitious and wealthy young man, who is happy doing nothing but drinking, sleeping around, and partying. But he is told he can only inherit his vast fortune if he agrees to marry a woman named Susan, an heiress his family thinks will slap him into shape. He agrees, but winds up falling for a poor, working-class woman -- and his family threatens to disinherit him when they find out.

"Arthur" was nominated for several Oscars, and the shot of Dudley Moore wearing a top hat in the bathtub has become iconic.

If Brand signs and makes it official, there is sure to be some backlash, as the original Moore film is considered a classic, and the British comedian is still a newcomer to American audiences. But considering Brand *is* Arthur in most ways, it seems to be a natural fit.

MTV readers, what do you think of Brand starring in "Arthur"? Is his remake perfect for him, or would you rather see him develop his own material?