Common Would Like To Return For 'Wanted 2’ With Angelina Jolie -- But How?

CommonFROM SPLASH PAGE: His day job has made Common a hit with the critics and kept him at the top of the charts over the last several years -- a trend that seems likely to continue as his eagerly-anticipated “Universal Mind Control” hits stores today. But moviegoers have had their own epiphany while enjoying his soulful presence in “Smokin’ Aces,” “Street Kings” and “American Gangster,” and the Chicago-born rapper is holding out hope that his most recent gig might give him his first film franchise.

Terrence Stamp told us awhile back that his character was written in specifically for sequel purposes, and screenwriter Chris Morgan has been hired to write "Wanted 2." But, after Angelina Jolie offered her own input into the conclusion of “Wanted,” the franchise seems to have painted itself into a corner.

SPOILER ALERT: Want to know why? Keep reading.

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