Amanda Peet Warns Los Angeles Better Be Ready For '2012’

Amanda PeetThe apocalypse is coming. Again. And, guess what town gets the worst of it? Again?

“There are some things that happen in Los Angeles, crazy stuff,” Amanda Peet told MTV News of her favorite scenes from “2012,” her upcoming Roland Emmerich directed disaster movie which pits man versus nature on a worldwide scale. “[My character and John Cusack’s character] see it from a plane. We get off the ground and we escape in an airplane and some of the stuff that [Roland] shows us is incredible and really frightening.”

It’s easy (and tired) to be glib about this kind of movie, but the truth is that Emmerich is some kind of twisted master when it comes to destroying the Earth, and if the footage winds up to be anything like early hints we’ve seen in the teaser, than I’ll be there opening day. Whether it’s “Independence Day,” or “The Day After Tomorrow,” or even “Godzilla,” Emmerich is usually good for at least one jaw dropping sequence. And regardless of how silly everything around it may seem, you just know that sequence is gonna be spectacular. The EARLY footage is spectacular, Peet insisted.

“We’ve seen some like early, early, early footage and it’s crazy. It’s crazy. Sometimes he shows us really early footage to show us what we’re going to be up against kind of, you know, because often times we’ll be in front of a blue screen or green screen so sometimes,” Peet said. “It’s been fun.’

Whatever he unleashes, he’ll get a lot of canvas to fool around with in “2012,” which takes as given the Mayan belief that some kind of cataclysm will occur in that year. (Let’s hope it’s not “The Hobbit Part II”)

If only we’d listened to Peet. (Not about the “Hobbit.” As far as I know, she has no opinion).

“Basically, there are some people who know that there is going to be this sort of colossal global disaster and most people don’t,” she said of her character. “I’m on the sort of civilian side of the story where John Cusack and I try to escape with our family and find safety.”

What global disaster would you MOST like to see Emmerich tackle? Tidal waves? Volcanoes? The Earth crashing into the sun? And why in the heck is “2012” opening in 2009? Sound off on your thoughts below.