Shia LaBeouf Becomes Legal Eagle For John Grisham's 'The Associate'

Shia LaBeoufThey grow up so fast. Just yesterday, it seemed like Shia LaBeouf was talking to transforming robots and chasing after his dad, Indiana Jones. Now, he's all grown up and about to graduate from Yale Law School -- well, on the big screen, anyway. Variety reports that LaBeouf has signed on to play the lead in "The Associate" for Paramount Pictures. This is Grisham's first legal thriller in three years, and Paramount just snagged the rights to it after it was quietly shopped to only four producers.

Based on the upcoming John Grisham novel, LaBeouf will play a student who's set to graduate from Yale Law School, when he's manipulated into accepting a job at a prestigious law firm. But all is not as lucky as it seems when he's given inside information about a multibillion-dollar lawsuit.

Unfortunately that's all we've got, and you'll have to wait until the book comes out on January 27th to find out what awaits LaBeouf's hapless student. Given what usually happens to Grisham's brilliant legal eagles, it won't be a raise, a corner office, or a promotion.

While this is a nice, mature role for LaBeouf, he'll be surrounded by familiar faces, like that of his "Transformers" producer, Lorenzo di Bonaventura was one of the lucky four to receive the Grisham book, which came to him as he was shooting "Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen" with LaBeouf. They agreed to shoot it together, ignored Optimus Prime's pleas for a part, and the rest will be film history.

After seeing Shia ride the adventure bandwagon, can you see him as a budding lawyer? Chime in below.