'Punisher' Ray Stevenson Joins 'Book of Eli' Cast As Post-Apoc Hit Man

Ray Stevenson"The Book of Eli" officially has my interest. We've watched the film rack up a pretty nice casting line-up in Denzel Washington, Gary Oldman and Mila Kunis, but something was missing in this post-apocalyptic story. That something was obviously the Punisher.

That's right -- Ray Stevenson, aka the new Punisher (who you'll see shoot up the place next week in Punisher: War Zone), has joined the cast of "Eli." According to Variety, he'll be playing an enforcer dispatched to kill Eli, that poor man who's just trying to guard a book and save humanity.

We know Kunis is playing a similar character, who ends up joining Washington, so I think we can expect a few fights between Stevenson, Kunis, and Washington in the desolate American landscape. If you saw HBO's "Rome" at all, you know that Stevenson is a formidable guy, and one heck of a good actor. You couldn't pick a better man to chase Eli through the desert -- and doesn't it make you wonder just what that book contains if they're sending so many badasses to kill its protector?

"Eli" is directed by Allen and Albert Hughes, and will begin shooting in February. In the meantime, we will wait to see if the cast can get any cooler than this.

Are there any Ray Stevenson fans out there? Are you excited to see him jumping and shooting his way into the big leagues? Or did "Book of Eli" have you at Mila Kunis instead?