Catherine Hardwicke Eager To Return For 'Twilight' Sequel - What Do You Think Of Her Plans?

Now that the smoke is finally beginning to clear on “Twilight,” its recently green-lit sequel, “New Moon” is slowly coming into view. We’ve just published a brand-new interview with director Catherine Hardwicke where she reveals the big plans she has in store, and our extensive talk with the filmmaker also yielded some additional info on her desire to shoot in Italy.

“My last movie [‘The Nativity Story’], we shot in Italy. We were just in Italy again three weeks ago for the film festival,” she explained. “I’ve gone to every art museum and a lot of little villages and plazas that are very similar to [what’s described in ‘New Moon’] up in Tuscany and that area. It’s gonna be gorgeous."

Hardwicke also gave her laundry list of obstacles to be overcome in making “New Moon” a similar big-screen splash: the wolf transformations, re-making the Volturi and figuring out a way to give Robert Pattinson more screen time. She also revealed an eagerness to crack the difficult nut of portraying Bella’s mental connection to Edward, and the additional powers of the Cullen clan.

“[Bella hearing Edward’s voice] would be one of the challenges for sure. Like, how much do you see it? Does it look like an aberration? Does it look like it’s in her mind? That’s one of the things you would have to test. You could probably try two to three different ways, and see what makes sense,” she explained. “Then there’s [Alice’s] visions. You have to take that idea of how Edward appears to [Bella], and make sure that’s distinct from Alice’s visions, so that you understand the powers that each of them has. I think there’s a lot of good challenges in ‘New Moon.' ”

And finally, we got Catherine’s thoughts on some fans’ (extremely hopeful) desire to see Johnny Depp as a Volturi. “Oh wow, well who wouldn’t love to have him as anything?” she grinned, telling us that Stephenie Meyer already has a few (far less famous) names in mind. “He’s pretty busy, but you never know! That’s a fun idea; that would be cool.”

Alright, Twilighters, now is the time to make your voices heard: You’ve heard Catherine’s “New Moon” ideas. Would you like to see her continue to direct the series?