Harrison Ford Joins J.J. Abrams Comedy, Weighs Another Jack Ryan Film

Harrison FordIt's been a rough few years for longtime admirers of Harrison Ford. There was "Hollywood Homicide" and "K19: The Widowmaker" (which had the distinction of actually being worse than it's horrible title made it sound) and we're going to take the high road and not even get into "Firewall." But thankfully maybe the massive box office success of the four "Indiana Jones" this past summer will propel Mr. Ford to bigger and better things once again? Maybe?

Ford told us about the progress of a fifth Indy film the other day but before that one gets off the ground he told us he's set his sights on one of two projects: "I have a comedy that’s been developed by J.J. Abrams and a drama that I developed that talks about the pharmaceutical industry. We haven’t sorted out which is first yet."

Some amateur detective work reveals that the drama is the previously announced flick, "Crowley," about the real-life story of John and Aileen Crowley, whose two children suffered from a rare genetic disorder. Ford would play a medical researcher in this one.

Even more intriguing is the J.J. Abrams project which Ford went on to tell me is being written "by the woman who wrote "The Devil Wears Prada." This one is clearly "Morning Glory," a film Ford was rumored to be interested in a year ago. Now we have confirmation from the man himself that he'll star in this Aline Brosh McKenna script that according to EW.com is about "a struggling female news producer who recruits an iconic, egotistical anchorman to revive a failing network's morning show." Reese Witherspoon was the rumored leading lady when the initial rumors surfaced.

So we've got a comedy and drama on Mr. Ford's slate. How about a return to another memorable man of action--Jack Ryan? Ben Affleck of course took over the role in "The Sum of All Fears" and there are constant rumors of other young men potentially signing on to revitilize the franchise but Ford says the character still has appeal to him. "I think it’s a character I could easily play at this point if people were interested in seeing what happens to Jack Ryan as his life progresses," he said.

Which role do you want to see Ford tackle next? J.J. Abrams produced comedy? A return to Jack Ryan character?