'Tropic Thunder' Screenwriter Refuses To Name Names As Film Hits DVD

'Tropic Thunder'We know all about Robert Downey Jr. and Ben Stiller, about Jack Black and Tom Cruise, but you wanna know who REALLY made “Tropic Thunder” great? Eddie Murphy, Sumner Redstone, and Russell Crowe.

Or that’s what I think, anyway, even though, for his part, screenwriter Justin Theroux isn’t letting loose on who actually gets lampooned in the Hollywood satire, which pits a very method actor against an egomaniacal studio head against a comedian known for fart humor, for starters.

“You know the funniest part? The people that are actually being lampooned would never in a million years think that they are the ones being lampooned. It’s the miracle of Hollywood that no one, from studio heads on down would think they’re the one being made fun of,” Theroux laughed in a recent conversation with MTV News. “They are all like, ‘Oh, yeah, I totally know a d--bag like that’ but they never take the blame. They would never say, ‘Oh, that’s just like me!’”

It’s a miracle the joke of who is actually being made fun of has been allowed to go this far without being outed, no doubt attributable at least in part to Theroux’s assertion about some in this town not being able to see the forest from the trees.

Still, even as “Tropic Thunder” comes out on DVD this week, Theroux says he’s got no plans to reveal the secret anytime soon.

“It’s more fun to play in the movie than to actually name the names,” he insisted.

And well, we can’t help but see a little logic in that. So who do you think was being lampooned in the movie by Downey, Stiller, et all? Sound off on your thoughts below.

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