Samuel L. Jackson Looks To Join Boston Fire Department For 'The Fallen'

Samuel L. Jackson“What Doesn’t Kill You,” Brian Goodman’s first film as writer and director, is getting some pretty stellar early reviews, like “amazing reviews” Samuel L. Jackson enthused. "It's awesome."

So awesome, apparently, that Jackson is ready to take the plunge with Goodman on the rising director’s follow-up, “The Fallen,” a story which centers around a group of Boston firemen. Now all the talented duo (who admit to golfing together a few times a week) need is a greenlight.

“Yeah, we’ll see what happens with that,” Goodman said of the finished script, which he is currently deciding what to do with. “We are looking at that and we both would like to work together and we’ll see what happens.”

“The script is good and Brian’s a good guy,” Jackson added. “Hopefully, that film will come together and I’ll be able to do it.”

If made (Goodman reportedly has a slew of projects he’s considering or working on in the moment) the film will be a return to South Boston for the Massachusetts native. The movie follows a fireman who gets hooked on painkillers after suffering injuries saving a woman from a fire.

Forget all that, though. Jackson’s just hoping to get some of Goodman’s good review mojo.

“What? Sometimes people get those kind of reviews!” the actor laughed of his earlier claim that Brian got very, umm, excited praise. “I don’t get them that often.”

Have you seen “What Doesn’t Kill You” yet? If not, what are you waiting for? Would Sam Jackson work as a Boston fire chief? Sound off on your thoughts below.