Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart To Score $12M For 'New Moon'?

Starring in the #1 movie in America has its advantages. Just a day after an incredible $70.55M opening weekend, "Twilight" leads Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart are looking to bring home nearly $12 million dollars each for "New Moon," the newly-announced sequel in the mega-franchise. This according to the Chicago Sun-Times, which notes the pair -- until now hardly household names -- took home paychecks of "just" $2 million for "Twilight."

As fans can attest, Hollywood's take on the second novel will be a decidedly larger affair than "Twilight," with the addition of werewolves and journeys to Alaska and Italy. Pattinson himself told MTV News that "New Moon" ranks as his favorite of the four-book series. Check out his thoughts on the sequel towards the end of the video below, and then click here to read what the entire cast is looking forward to from "New Moon."