'Twilight' Reaches $70.55M, Fans Comment As Edward And Bella Send E-Mails

It's been a huge but often conflicted weekend for Twilighters, as the movie they spent more than a year reading about, screaming about and standing in lines for finally hit theaters. Critics attacked the film right out of the gate, but fans still poured out to give "Twilight" an enormous $70.55 million opening, and a sequel was announced barely 24 hours after the film came out.

But the most important news of the weekend was what you thought of the movie. And what Edward and Bella thought of that.

As Twilighters posted their comments all over the MTV websites and uploaded video to YouRHere (make sure to send yours!), a general consensus emerged: some loved the film, some hated it, and far many more found themselves with mixed emotions and hopes for better, bigger-budgeted sequels.

"I am ecstatic!" wrote a user named "Piratevamp." "I saw Twilight for the 3rd time today and am still amazed by it."

"I'm excited. The movie was amazing," explained "FANPIREfor-the-win." "Especially the second time I saw it. It was a little rushed (at least in some parts) so I hope they work that out for the second one, but other than that, I am so EXCITED for 'New Moon.'"

"Bballchick2530," however, found Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson to be a bit lacking: "The actors should work on appearing to be in love. I really didn't get the 'aww they're in love' vibe from twilight."

"FreakyVirgo" was among the several fans who insisted that some changes need to be made before the series moves forward: "I think the movie was OK. Not GOOD, not GREAT! The camera close-ups were annoying. The screenwriter needs to get fired. And some of the directing was bad. I think all the actors have potential to be good but I don't know if both Kristen and Rob really understood how to play Bella and Edward."

But judging by the enormous box-office results, perhaps "altrntvchic" summed things up best: "I wish the whole cast and crew could have heard the audience's applause when the movie ended! "

After a weekend of such comments, some of the most loyal Twilighters were surprised to find themselves receiving a personal e-mail from two of their most beloved friends. "To all of our wonderful, loyal and fantastic fans..." the letter began, signed by Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson. "Thank you from the entire cast & crew for your amazing support of 'Twilight.'"

The unprecedented letter, sent straight to a handful of fans from the stars, once again reinforced why this series has a very unique fans-to-filmmakers relationship. "Without your passion, interaction and support, this film would not be where it is today -- the #1 movie in America!" Rob and Kristen wrote. "We just heard from Summit that we'll be moving forward on 'New Moon.' We look forward to this next chapter with you!"

What was your own personal highlight and lowlight of the "Twilight" rollercoaster ride? Do you need a breather before the "New Moon" hype begins, or are you ready to jump in all over again?


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