'Twilight' Midnight Madness Swept America And MTV News Was There!

Friday at midnight, at theaters across the country Twilighters lined up in droves to finally catch the loooong-awaited opening "Twilight." Front and center was our own Twilighter Kim Stolz, who returns with this report.

It's 3:15 in the morning, and I've just returned to the office to reflect on seeing "Twilight" after a year of anticipation and approximately 2500 pages of the series. Knowing the characters to the extent that I do, I'm not sure what I was expecting. The concept of capturing the lives of Bella and Edward in a two-hour movie seemed like an overly ambitious task. Despite the respect I have for Catherine Hardwicke, Stephenie Meyer's attention to detail and the complex emotions clearly experienced by her characters was never going to be met by a film version of the story.

I was able to speak to a bunch of Twilighters as they walked into the theater on 42nd street, each of them part of the first group to see the much-anticipated and now cultish film. The twenty-five theater complex was empty with the exception of the Twilighters but the energy emanating from within its walls was overwhelming, nonetheless.

One girl told me that she'd only been into the "Twilight" series for a month, but was already on the fourth book, "Breaking Dawn." Another had bought her tickets online a month ago. These kids came from all over-- one had traveled all the way from Miami yesterday, just to participate in tonight's midnight release.

Perhaps the most bizarre encounter I had was a girl who came up to us with the book and politely let us know that her hands were the ones shown on the cover. WHAT!? Sure enough, her hands were the same ones that all of us Twilight fans had gotten to know so well over the past year or so. And of course, there were a few, like me, who were nervous because the books were so compelling, and feared the film wouldn't live up. Notwithstanding, we were all there, filing into the theater at midnight, to get our first glimpse of Edward, Bella, and all the rest.

So… it's over now. What did I think? Honestly, I have mixed feelings. I'm not sure I felt the same way as TBD who immediately exclaimed "I want to see it again right now!!" after I asked her if the film lived up to her expectations. There were, perhaps inevitably so, details from the book that I felt would have been helpful and even integral to the understanding of those who had not yet read the series. What was that field trip? And, remember what a big deal it was that Rosalie hated Bella? That was barely touched upon. And, perhaps it cheapened the story a bit to show us glimpses of the nomadic murdering vampires, who, in the book, are left up to more suspense as they're introduced through Bella's perspective.

That said, Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart do, for me, pass as good representations of Edward and Bella, respectively, and I was captivated while watching the entire Cullen family, and the way that Hardwicke brought them to life.

But this is all just my opinion… What did you think?


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