'Twilight' Star Anna Kendrick Goes 'Up In The Air' With George Clooney And 'Juno' Director Jason Reitman

Anna KendrickNote to young actors and actresses everywhere: start working to snag yourself a part in "New Moon," because "Twilight" will be the best thing to happen to your career.

On Monday, we brought you news of Cam Gigandet's new movie, "Five Star Day," now it's Anna Kendrick's turn to make headlines. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Kendrick will be starring in the comedy "Up in the Air," opposite none other than George Clooney, and directed by Jason Reitman.

It seems every young actress in Hollywood, from Ellen Page to Emily Blunt, tried out for the highly coveted part. Kendrick's audition was so impressive that even the trades are remarking on it. Details on her character are scarce, but she's playing a young woman who gets pulled into the goofy orbit of Ryan Bingham, Clooney's frequent-flying "career transition counselor."

The comedy is based on Walter Kirn's book of the same name, which is best described as a New Age version of "The Office."

Considering how well Ellen Page has done after Reitman's last film, "Juno," I wouldn't be surprised if Kendrick's career takes off -- especially if she actually beat Page out for the part. I'm beginning to think "Twilight" will be the origin of our future A-List actors -- and fans can say they knew them when!

Readers, which "Twilight" star will be the next to land a big movie role?

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