'South Park' Takes On Vampires -- And 'Twilight'? -- In New Episode

By Dave Harrison

Has the "Twilight" backlash already begun mere hours away from the film’s release? For those of you who missed it, the notoriously animated Twilighter community have an entirely new reason to get, well, animated. "South Park" (which airs on our sister network Comedy Central), like it or not, has become a leader in the realm of social commentary, and last night the show took aim at the vampire phenomenon in an episode titled “The Ungroundable.”

Of course, in true "South Park" style, the writers showed no mercy on “those vampire kids,” who they depict as wannabe Goths that have transitioned from Abercrombie to Hot Topic in an attempt to follow the latest trend.

And our favorite human Bella Swan even gets an open -- although inaccurate -- shout out by name from one of the vampire kids, as they frantically search for the best place to eat lunch away from direct sunlight...even though vampires don't eat.

So of course, as with every cultural phenomenon, there are bound to be haters. For those of you who saw “The Ungroundable,” was "South Park"’s interpretation funny or unfair?

Or, keep in mind that just two weeks ago, "South Park" lampooned President-elect Barack Obama and his opponent, John McCain. Do you Twilighters take some pride in knowing that everybody’s favorite vampire family has been viewed on the same level as the future leader of the free world?

Is parody the sincerest form of flattery? Or did last night’s episode just cater to the haters?

For those of you with an internet connection while camping outside your local movie theater tonight, you can see the full episode of "The Ungroundable" at southparkstudios.com.