Rest Easy: Matthew McConaughey Will NOT Play Magnum P.I.

Matthew McConaugheyThis is one of those festering casting rumors that's just really gotten under my skin over the last year or two. Magnum P.I. played by...Matthew McConaughey. No. Just no. I have sat back and watched Rosie O'Donnell play Betty Rubble. I stayed silent. Johnny Knoxville and Seann William Scott as Bo and Luke. I let it go. No longer!

But lo and behold I don't have to get angry at the prospect of the star of "Surfer Dude" playing Magnum. Brian Grazer just told me it's not happening. So it's not going to be McConaughey, I asked? "No," he said. "I think the idea for 'Magnum P.I.' is to find a counterpoint, to not try and find the new Tom Selleck but to find someone that is just so different that you go, oh my God! That guy is Magnum?!?"

Grazer confirmed that he has a script for a "Magnum" film but reiterated that it's going to come down to finding the right guy."It's so much about casting. You have to find the actor that adds through his own personality something to the title."

Anyone come to mind? In the past everyone from Vince Vaughn to George Clooney have been rumored for the role. Or should it go to an unknown?