Danny Boyle Says 'Trainspotting' Sequel Still A Few Years Away

Danny BoyleRemember last year, when director Danny Boyle told MTV News that he was still very high on eventually filming “Porno,” the follow-up to his break-out hit “Trainspotting”? Turns out, Boyle said, the actors are now just as excited.

Now if they’d just lay off the goddarned moisturizer.

“Interestingly, they are about to put out yet another DVD of ‘Trainspotting,’ another edition, like they do, and they got all the actors together to do interviews for it and they all turned up, so I think they’re all starting to show a little appetite for it, for doing it again, and we’ve tickled them with this idea that it’s the same actors playing the same parts in the same city, but it’s got this fifteen year gap,” Boyle said of the long-gestating project.

“They all turned up for all these interviews and they did lovely interviews really, and you could see -- it’s funny because as actors you do three or four movies a year and sort of swing in and out of focus. I think they realize that for the audience, their performance for those particular parts is something not going to be forgotten.

“But the trouble remains that they actually don’t look much different. They may have aged however long it’s been but they look exactly the same,” Boyle continued. “I mean, it’s terrible. You look at them and they don’t have any lines or anything. I think they just moisturize the whole time. Any time you don’t see them on camera they’re covered in moisturizer, resting in a spa to keep their looks. When time hits them, when age strikes, we’ll be ready.”

Released in 1996, “Trainspotting” centered on a group of heroin addicts (”Rent Boy,” “Sick Boy,” “Spud” and Begbie), and their adventures in Edinburgh, Scotland. “Porno” reunites the same cast of characters nine years later -- some of whom have kicked their addiction, some of whom are beaten down by life, one of whom is in prison for manslaughter -- when Sick Boy, now a heavy cocaine user, decides to make a porn film financed by Renton (McGregor).

For Boyle, though, the themes go much deeper, representing the same kind of conundrums for middle-aged men that the original film did for twenty-somethings.

“It would be about middle age really, that big crisis when you think, ‘What am I going to do with my life? Am I going to have kids? Am I going to settle down? What am I going to do? Am I going to make some money?’ It’s in that territory,” Boyle said. “And because of course, as actors they have aged, they’ll bring their own research, their own automatic research to something like that.”

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