Danny Boyle's 'Solomon Grundy' Delayed Due To Perceived 'Benjamin Button' Similarities

Danny BoyleThanks to both overwhelmingly positive responses and its feel-good message, Danny Boyle’s “Slumdog Millionaire” has already been pegged by many prognosticators as an early Oscar favorite, alongside other yet to be released films like “Revolutionary Road” and “The Curious Case of Benjamin Button.”

But no matter what happens between now and the February Oscar telecast, David Fincher’s “Button” has already gotten the best of Boyle, the director smiled, forcing him to temporarily abandon his previously announced next project.

Boyle’s “Solomon Grundy,” based on the popular nursery rhyme character who was “born on a Monday” and “died on a Sunday” (and who bears no relation to the hideous D.C. zombie villain and occasional foe of Superman and Batman), is momentarily shelved, he revealed exclusively to MTV News, because of perceived similarities to “Button,” which follows the life of a man who lives his whole life backwards.

“It’s sort of a crossover with ‘Benjamin Button’ only they’ve done it backwards, so it really fell apart because of the competition from that one,” Boyle confessed of the project. “It is a wonderful idea, and it’s got really potential still. Maybe. No one knows what ‘Benjamin Button’ is going to be like, so maybe it won’t be similar to that at all. Maybe it will feel really different to that, so [that ‘Solomon’] might come alive again.”

Wiki tells us that the nursery rhyme is a sort of riddle for the seven ages of man, itself a reference to Shakespeare’s “As You Like It” (“All the world’s a stage,” etc etc.) Infancy, childhood, lover, old-age – you get the drift.

Should the movie ever get made, though, don’t expect a Button-esque transformation of a big star through all those stages, Boyle said, referring to Brad Pitt’s turn in the upcoming film. In fact, don’t expect ANY star to carry the movie.

“’Solomon Grundy’ is a story about a guy who ages seven days. He lives his whole life in seven days. He’s born on a Monday, christened on a Tuesday, grew up on Wednesday, marries on Thursday, took on Friday, and it was like that,” Boyle explained. “And we were going to cast seven different actors to play the part because he starts at zero and ends up at eighty-five.”

Color us absolutely intrigued. Would you like to see Boyle tackle “Solomon Grundy” next? Or at all? Or would you prefer he direct, say, the sequel to “28 Days Later”? Do you see the similarities between this story and “Benjamin Button” or is this just studio nonsense? Sound off on your thoughts below.