'Twilight' Star Cam Gigandet Is Having A 'Five Star Day'

Cam GigandetIt looks like another "Twilight" star taking another step towards major stardom. According to The Hollywood Reporter, "Twilight" baddie Cam Gigandet is set to star in "Five Star Day," an indie drama directed by Danny Buday. Jena Malone will star opposite him as his girlfriend.

Story details are a bit scarce, but it's as far from the bloodthirsty James as you can get. It's the story of one man who loses everything, and must come to terms with what is most important in life. It's all about self-discovery and love -- and since he has a girlfriend and a smart best friend, who will be played by Will Yun Lee ("Bionic Woman"), it's safe to say that he realizes that it's people, not things, that really matter.

Gigandet really looks to be a break-out star of "Twilight." Not only is he keeping his indie credibility with movies like these, he just wrapped "The Unborn" and "Pandorum" with Dennis Quaid and Ben Foster. So while he won't be appearing as a vampire in any "Twilight" sequels, fans won't have to worry -- it looks like he'll have a long life in film ahead of him.

"Twilight" fans, are you happy to see Gigandet land so many roles? Or do you prefer the "Twilight" baddies to vanish altogether, and the Cullens to get all the big parts?