Tobey Maguire's 'Robotech' Remake Gets 'Smallville' Writers

'Robotech'It looks like Leonardo DiCaprio isn't the only anime fan with remakes on the brain. Tobey Maguire has jumped into the game with 'Robotech," a live action remake of the classic anime series. Warner Bros snagged the rights in 2007, with Maguire attached as a producer and possibly to star in the lead role.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, the project is moving forward, hiring "Smallville" writers Alfred Gough and Miles Millar to pen the screenplay. Surprisingly, they're replacing Lawrence Kasdan who, as the writer of "Raiders of the Lost Ark," seems incapable of doing wrong by any movie.

"Robotech" was a sprawling epic of a television series, spanning three generations and three different extraterrestrial wars. At its heart, though, it was about giant robots, technology developed thanks technology borrowed from an alien spaceship that crashed in the South Pacific. Just in time for mankind, since the giant robots were needed to fight off an alien invasion -- but despite all that technology, humanity's fate rested in the hands of two young pilots. If Maguire does decide to take a part, he'll likely be one of them, although his involvement with future "Spider-Man" installments could keep him solely behind the camera.

While plot details are still unknown, the plan is to reimagine and update the series with sleek new technology and character design. Maguire previously praised the series as having a "rich mythology" that would make a "sophisticated, smart, and entertaining film." He has good taste when it comes to scripts, and is fairly choosy when it comes to big-budget action fare. "Robotech" would appear to be in good hands -- and it should be fun to see who turns out the better anime adaptation, DiCaprio or Maguire.

Well, "Robotech" fans -- do you trust Maguire to stay faithful to the material as one of the producers? Or are you sick of Hollywood remaking anime?