EXCLUSIVE: 'Twilight' Clip Features Bad-Driving, Bad Excuses, And A Very Good Romance

'Twilight'It's the moment that saves Bella's life - well, for the first time, anyway. It's the pivotal event that forces Edward (Rob "OME" Pattinson) to reveal his true self to his love (Kristen Stewart). It's the world-famous "Tyler Crowley's Runaway Van" scene, and now it can finally be seen for the first time in its (almost) entirety - here at MTV courtesy of our new movie show "Spoilers."

For those of you who haven't read the book (and you'd better hurry, because "Twilight" is only 7 days away!), Tyler (Gregory Tyree Boyce) is the Forks, Washington equivalent of Billy Joel behind the wheel. In this scene, Bella makes eye-contact with the mysterious Cullen clan (including Nikki Reed as Rosalie, Kellan Lutz as Emmett and Jackson Rathbone as Jasper), clearly noticing that they're on the opposite side of the Forks High School parking lot. Moments later, a ton of out-of-control steel comes hurtling towards her. (Watch the scene after the jump!)

As many women will undoubtedly find themselves saying next weekend: "Thank God for Edward!" Sticking his hand in the way of the van, the vampire uses his supernatural powers to save the teenager. Then, as Ricky Ricardo would say: He's got some 'splainin' to do!

"I was standing right next to you, Bella," he tries to convince her in the scenes from Catherine Hardwicke's upcoming movie that are cut together for the end part of the clip. But c'mon, Bella's no dummy - we all know she'll soon get to the bottom of that mystery. And in only one more week, so can the rest of us!

Hey Twilighters: If Edward were real, what kind of danger would you put yourself in to force him to reveal himself? Or would you be too chicken, and just hope he'd come out on his own?

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