Kurt Loder Reviews Danny Boyle's 'Slumdog Millionaire': 'It Leaves You Breathless'

'Slumdog Millionaire'FROM MTV.COM: Danny Boyle's "Slumdog Millionaire" is a head-first immersion into the roiling urban culture of modern India, a quest movie that follows its teenage hero through the slums of Mumbai into slave camps, gangster dens and garish bordellos on his way to unexpected fame, unimaginable fortune and — he hopes — a reunion with the long-lost love of his young life. It's a unique adventure movie, and it leaves you breathless.

Boyle is a director who never seems to make the same sort of film twice. He's previously ventured into snarling drug comedies ("Trainspotting"), tropical island fantasies ("The Beach"), zombie horrors ("28 Days Later") and visionary sci-fi ("Sunshine"). Now he brings his rousing genre sensibility to bear on a vibrant world that's new to most of us, and we feel that we're discovering it, in considerable wonder, right along with him. (Boyle also credits Mumbai-based casting director Loveleen Tandan as the picture's co-director.)

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