'Quantum Of Solace' Director Marc Forster Takes On Zombie Apocalypse For 'World War Z'

'World War Z'One of the most hotly anticipated zombie (or is that post-zombie?) books finally has a director! According to Variety, the adaptation of Max Brooks' insanely popular "World War Z" has snagged Bond helmer Marc Forster for the job. It's like they didn't think it was buzzworthy enough, what with J. Michael Straczynski writing the script, and Brad Pitt's Plan B producing.

If you haven't read the book, "World War Z" is a seriously detailed, often creepy account of the zombie apocalypse that wiped out humanity in the 2010s. Compiled by a U.N. Postwar Commission researcher, its a first-person retelling of the war that wiped out every country on the map. Forster was drawn to the project for its journalistic style. "The genre always fascinated me, and when they pitched it to me, it reminded me of the paranoid conspiracy films of the '70s like 'All the President's Men.'"

Forster seems an odd choice for the project -- he's generally associated with gut-wrenching dramas and tearjerkers like "The Kite Runner" and "Finding Neverland." He jumped into the deep end of the action pool with "Quantum of Solace," maybe a zombie apocalypse is just what he needs to tie all his talents together.

What do you think, readers? Excited to see "World War Z" on the big screen? Do you think Forster will do a good job, or should they have picked a veteran of horror and zombie movies to tackle the final war on humanity?

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