Jason Statham Says His Transporter Character Would Kick BOTH Bond And Bourne To The Curb

Last year on the Movies Blog, we wondered, "Who would win a fight between the three best action characters of our age: Jason Bourne, James Bond, or Bruce Wayne?" and to show how serious we here at MTV News are about getting to the bottom of deep mysteries, we brought the question straight to Matt Damon himself.

In our haste to crown Bourne the champ, though, seems in our ultimate showdown of ultimate destiny battle royale we forgot about another tiny franchise star.

And Jason Statham doesn't mince words about who he thinks would REALLY come out on top.

"Oh, he'd slap old Bond around a couple of times, wouldn't he?" Statham laughed of his "Transporter" character Frank Martin, returning to theaters within a few weeks of Bond with "Transporter 3."

"You know, it's difficult to say but we do a lot of our own fight sequences and we keep it pretty realistic and pretty cool. We don't have many stunt doubles. Not to take anything away from what the Bond franchise people do, but I know they work with a lot of stuntmen and we tend to get stuck in and do our own stuff."

That's for the fighting. Of course, what Frank Martin really does well is drive. So guess who Statham thinks would win in a road race between him and Jason Bourne?

"A road race?" Statham asked? "Well, it's gonna be me looking in the rear view mirror I suppose!"

So who is it movie fans? Three men enter, one man leaves. Who wins in a fight between James Bond, Jason Bourne, and Frank Martin? Sound off on your thoughts below.

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