Counting Crows Frontman Adam Duritz and Broken Lizard Team For 'Freeloaders'

Adam DuritzWhat happens when you pair a Broken Lizard and a Counting Crow? A big screen comedy! Variety reports that Counting Crows frontman Adam Duritz is teaming with the comedy troupe behind "Beerfest" and "Club Dread" to produce the indie comedy "Freeloaders." The script has a rock star pedigree also, with director Dan Rosen co-writing the flick with Gigolo Aunts' Dave Gibbs.

Not surprisingly, the story is themed around a rock star -- or more specifically, his mansion, where five guys and one girl have taken up permanent partying residence. But their comfy lifestyle is threatened when the rock star decides to sell his house. What crazy hijinks will occur? Will they sabotage the sale? Come up with weird ways to raise money to buy the mansion themselves? Find another rock star to move in with?

This is actually Duritz's third outing as a producer -- his first two films have been dark and edgy. His first, "The Locusts," actually starred the likes of Vince Vaughn, Ashley Judd, and Paul Rudd. This is the first film he's tackled in ten years, so he's obviously not interested in abandoning music for movies. But hey, it's nice to know he's got a backup career lined up for when being a rock star becomes utterly boring.

Speak up, Broken Lizard and Counting Crows fans...does this sound like something up your alley? Chime in below!