Ridley Scott Passes Go, Collects $200 To Direct 'Monopoly'

Monopoly (Hasbro)You might suffer a bit of a headache trying to puzzle out which part of this story is stranger -- the fact that Universal is going ahead with a movie based on a board game, or who's directing it. Because The Hollywood Reporter has just announced that Ridley Scott is officially on board to direct "Monopoly" for the studio. Pamela Pettler ("The Corpse Bride, "Monster House") has been brought on board to write the screenplay, and has the tough task of shaping a narrative out of the real estate game play.

Crazily enough, "Monopoly" is one of several Hasbro games being adapted by Universal. They're also developing "Quiji Board" and "Battleship," and it's only a matter of time before we get "Candyland."

But back to Scott and "Monopoly." The director is looking to give the movie a "futuristic sheen" along the lines of his iconic "Blade Runner." But unfortunately, imagining that only makes you wonder what the heck the director of something so brilliant as "Blade Runner" sees in a board game adaptation. Then again, we all kind of snickered at the idea of movies based on Disney rides, and that whole "Pirates of the Caribbean" thing turned out all right. But it's difficult to get past memories of hotels on Boardwalk, and fights over who gets to play with the pewter dog and who is stuck being the top hat.

Well, readers -- do you think Scott is the director to pull off a "Monopoly" movie? Or do you think board games should be left for rainy days and power outages, and away from the big screen?