Jim Caviezel And Samuel L. Jackson Are 'Blown' Away

Samuel L. JacksonJim Caviezel and Samuel L. Jackson have played some pretty weighty roles -- the former as none other than Jesus Christ, and Samuel L. Jackson as ... well, everyone else. So it's about time they starred onscreen together, and according to The Hollywood Reporter, that's precisely what they're going to do for 'Blown." The film will be directed by Martha Fiennes, sister of Ralph.

Caviezel will play Will Matlock, a top MI5 agent who's spending just another day at the office investigating a global corporation, uncovers an imminent terrorist attack. It's not just any terrorist attack -- a plot to destroy the entire city of London. The man behind it? Samuel L. Jackson, who will be playing the attack's mastermind, Julius Lezard. (Jackson must have a contract that stipulates his characters have the coolest names in film.)

Lezard engages poor Matlock in a high-stakes game of wit and deception -- not, as you might expect, a fight to see just who is the biggest badass.

It's tempting to actually view this film as a fanmade project that pits Mace Windu against Jesus, or Caviezel's alien "Outlander" warrior versus Jules Winnfield. But with a Fiennes at the helm, it's bound to be classier than that. It looks like we'll be in for a fun, fierce battle for London, though -- and with this cast, it's not easy to predict who will win the fight.