'Ugly Betty' Star America Ferrera Is An 'American Tragic'

America FerreraIt's easy to remember the name of America Ferrera's new drama. Variety reports that she is set to star and produce the indie drama "American Tragic" for Latino mini-studio Maya Entertainment. Ryan Piers Williams will be directing the film from his own screenplay.

"Tragic" centers on a young war veteran, who will be played by newcomer Ryan O'Nan, who sets off across the country with a buddy in order to find a little peace and redemption. Ferrera will play his wife, and Melissa Leo will play his mother. You always have to leave girls behind when on a cross-country trip!

This is Ferrera's second collaboration with Maya Entertainment, who also produced and distributed her film, "How the Garcia Girls Spent Their Summer," which she made shortly before becoming a household name with "Ugly Betty." I think it's pretty cool that in the wake of stardom, Ferrera has largely steered clear of big Hollywood films, choosing to showcase her talent in indie films. Plus, she's using her name to help boost the first studio owned and operated by Latinos. Right now, she's anything but tragic.

Readers, do you wish America Ferrera would take on a big-budget, A-list role? Or are you a fan of her quiet independent work?