'Twilight' Stars Have Hollywood At Their Feet - But Are They Mark Hamills Or Harrison Fords?

Twelve months ago they were hardly household names, probably best known as "the 'Harry Potter' kid" and "that little girl from 'Panic Room.' '' Now they're two of the hottest young stars in Hollywood, causing riots and fan shrieking every time they go out in public.

Welcome to the A-list, Kristen Stewart and Rob Pattinson.

This week's "Twilight" Tuesday focuses on the 18-year-old actress who portrays Bella Swan, and our 10 Days of "Twilight" series recently gave fans their latest interview with the fun-loving heartthrob otherwise known as Edward Cullen. When we asked the duo to reflect on their caterpillar-to-butterfly transformations of 2008, both pointed to the same fringe benefit: getting better movies made. (Read more about how "Twilight" has already changed the careers of Stewart and Robert Pattinson in the MTV Movies Blog.)

"I've been so busy compared to last year, when I wasn't busy at all," explained Pattinson, who insists that his heart is with smaller, more tender fare like "Little Ashes," which he'll release next year. "I'm vaguely more commercially viable, so people want to have meetings with you instead of not wanting to have meetings with you."

"[My life] hasn't changed personally," insisted Stewart, who has always tried to balance her blockbusters with smaller films like "In the Land of Women" and the upcoming "Yellow Handkerchief." "I'm kinda tripping out [professionally], because I've always been in a position where I love films, and they don't have money, and I'm attached to them forever — and I just get too old or uninterested in them. I don't get to realize some of the parts that I would love to play. But now I can get projects off the ground; I can get them made."

"It's very strange constantly working and doing various things," grinned Pattinson, who finds himself steadily employed for the first time in his career. "That's basically how my life has changed."

OK, everybody, here's your "Twilight" Tuesday question of the week: If Stephenie Meyer's massive franchise is the "Star Wars" of this generation, which of the actors will become Mark Hamills (one hit series and that's it), which will be Carrie Fishers (a few memorable roles, but never able to escape being typecast), and which will become Harrison Fords (massive stars for the next several decades)?