'Love Bug' Computer Virus Inspires Quirky Romantic Comedy 'Subject: I Love You'

Briana EviganRemember that scene with John Cusack from “Say Anything”? Where he held the boombox outside his girlfriend’s window? It’s the absolute pinnacle of the lost art of the crazy romantic gesture. Until now.

And we really do mean crazy, by the way. Criminally so, laughed "Step Up 2" actress Briana Evigan, whose new romantic comedy “Subject: I Love You” follows the real life story of a man who went just a wee bit too far for the one he loved.

“You ever hear of the ‘I Love You Virus’? It’s based on that. It’s the American girl and the Filipino boy and I leave the Philippines and there’s not much Internet or cell phone stuff going on at that time over there and he tries to track me down and his friends come up with an idea of him sending out a virus,” Evigan said of the film’s set-up, which uses the true story of the Love Bug for inspiration.

“It goes to every single email list that you have. So, one person gets it, 500 on their list get it, and on and on and on. It spreads within about 15 minutes all over the world.”

Indeed, within just a day, the ILOVEYOU virus infected approximately 10% of the world’s computers, according to Wikipedia, and forced the CIA and the British Parliament to shut down their servers.

And, look, not that we in any way condone this guy’s criminal behavior – but gosh darn it if his act wasn’t at least a little sweet right?

“No, it’s pretty messed up,” Evigan laughed of the evil plan. “Sad ending too.”

What’s the farthest you’d go for a romantic gesture? Is cyber-terrorism a good fit for the romantic comedy treatment? Meaning, is there anything funny these days about a virus that causes the CIA to shut down? Sound off on your thoughts below.