President-Elect Obama Reads 'Twilight,' So Is He Team Edward Or Team Jacob?

Barack ObamaPresident-Elect Barack Obama truly has a full plate. Revitilize a sinking economy. Energize a nation. Rehabilitate America's fragile standing in the world. Oh, and get through four "Twilight" books with his youngest daughter.

Yes, according to the latest issue of US Weekly, Stephenie Meyer has a couple fans who will be moving into 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue in a couple months. The magazine reports that the President-Elect and his ten-year-old daughter Malia often bond over addictive book series, "They read all the Harry Potter books together and have moved on to the Twilight series."

What does this mean? A Presidential screening of "Twilight" at the White House? Robert Pattinson for Secretary of Dreamy Eyes? Anything is possible. Are you surprised that "Twilight"-mania has gone all the way to the Oval Office?