Nicole Kidman To Play Transsexual, Marry Charlize Theron, For 'Danish Girl'

Nicole KidmanNicole Kidman's latest film is one that promises to be a lightning rod, particularly in the current political climate. According to The Hollywood Reporter, she is set to star in "The Danish Girl" as the world's first post-op transsexual -- and be married to Charlize Theron to boot. (I think that might be the prettiest couple since Brangelina, don't you?) Kidman will also be one of the film's producers, under her Blossom Films shingle.

"The Danish Girl" is the true story of artists Einar and Greta Wegener. Their marriage took a surprising turn when Einar substituted for a female model that Greta was set to paint. Einar felt surprisingly comfortable in costume, and began dressing in women's clothing with Greta's encouragment.

They often went out in public as women together, Einar adopting the persona of "Lili," who they introduced as Einar's sister. Einar decided to commit to the new identity altogether, and had the first recorded sex-change operation. Their marriage was dissolved by the King of Denmark, and they drifted apart to pursue other relationships.

Theron and Kidman are no strangers to controversial films, and both won Oscars for playing lesbian characters in "Monster" and "The Hours" respectively. Undoubtedly, they'll give this film the intensity and sensitivity it requires.

What do you think, readers? Can you believe Kidman not only as a transsexual, but as Einar the man? Do you think the movie will be buried in controversy?