Jessica Alba, Casey Affleck Looking for 'The Killer Inside Me'

Jessica AlbaCasey Affleck and Jessica Alba are going to the dark and seedy side. According to The Hollywood Reporter, they're teaming up with Michael Winterbottom for "The Killer Inside Me," a thriller based on Jim Thompson's classic noir novel.

Affleck will play Lou Ford, a West Texas sheriff who seems to be an ordinary guy, if somewhat boring, dumb, and lazy. However, he's slowly revealed to be a disturbed man, paranoid and sociopathic, with a penchant for murder. He murders a prostitute and her wealthy lover, creates the perfect alibi, only to see it slowly unravel. The death count piles up, the normal mask begins to slip, and people begin looking twice at Ford.

If you've seen Affleck's Oscar-nominated turn in "The Assassination of Jesse James By the Coward Robert Ford," you'll know how scary and unsettling he can be.

Alba plays a prostitute, thus ensuring most red-blooded males buy a ticket. Presumably, she's not playing not the murdered one, as she's too big of a name to waste on a bloodbath. It's noir! There's always more than one prostitute, and one that always proves the bad guy's undoing.

This is one of those rare films that seems to have everything going for it -- cool source material, plenty of talent, and enough murders to satisfy even a "Saw" fan. It's not clear whether it will be updated, or set in the 1950s, but let's hope for the latter for the sake of the costumes.

What do you think, readers? Ready to be creeped out by Affleck again? Or are you sold just by the presence of Jessica Alba?