MTV Rocks L.A. With 'Twilight'-Geared 'Spoilers' Taping: Here's Ashley The Intern's Special Report!

Robert Pattinson and Kristin Stewart at MTV's 'Spoilers' TapingIn case you haven’t heard, MTV’s taping of "Spoilers" featuring “Twilight” (airing November 14 at 7:30 p.m. ET) went down in Beverly Hills Friday night without a hitch. Among the hundreds of shrieking girls who saw the whole cast up close was our own super-intern and “Twilight” nut Ashley Zimmerman, who filed this report:

I never thought that I would live to see the day when my favorite expression, “OME,” just wasn’t quite powerful enough. But standing just three feet away from Spunk Ransom himself, the words “Oh My Edward” seemed like an understatement.

As a member of the general audience for MTV’s new show “Spoilers,” this Twilighter and MTV News’ resident Twi-tern, was nothing short of completely overwhelmed. Hundreds of fans were invited to watch extended sneak peeks of never-before-seen “Twilight” movie clips, and participate in a question-and-answer session with director Catherine Hardwicke, and her ensemble of the most breathtaking vampires – and werewolf! – known to mankind.

The energy from all the "Twilight" fans densely packed into a small theatre in Los Angeles was magnetic to say the least. All 400 of us anxiously sat awaiting the arrival of the Cullen crew and their fury friend. After what seemed like years of sitting patiently for the slightest glimpse of our favorite stone-cold, bloodsucking, heart-throbbing vampire, Rob Pattinson and crew were welcomed on stage to introduce the movie clips by five solid minutes of constant, nonstop screaming (seriously, my ears are still ringing!). The roar of the audience was so overwhelming that MTV’s very own Tim Kash had to jump on stage to tame the masses. The deafening shriek coming from the crowd was only silenced as the clips started rolling.

The first clip made my stomach drop all the way to the floor while simultaneously making my heart jump out of my chest. I have seen all the clips, trailers, interviews, pictures and articles that are published, and as an intern at MTV News, I’ve seen all the behind-the-scenes footage from everything that is “Twilight.” But the book on the big screen is in a league of its own. Let’s just say that Bella and Edward’s first kiss is electrifying and the words “don’t move” delivered by Rob Pattinson in this scene could make even the most die-hard Team Jacob fan convert to Team Edward.

After the clips, Twilighters from all over the country -- Miami, Hawaii, Wisconsin, Texas -- took their turns in asking Catherine, Taylor, Kellan, Peter, Edi, Ashley, and Jackson some hard-hitting questions. One of the best questions was directed at Taylor Lautner asking him how he’ll get taller for the next film, and a simple response from Peter Facinelli referencing “Tom Cruise lifts” put the audience in hysterics.

But the best question by far came from a Twilighter asking about how the vampires were able to get in touch with their characters, like Emmet’s fun spirit or the gloominess of the evil vampires. Edi Gathegi, who plays the African-American vampire Laurent responded with: “Well, Kellan is a funny person, and I’m a very dark person.” Peter Facinelli quickly reciprocated with, “Yeah, and I’m already old.”

Among the sea of screaming young women, the handful of TwiGuys -- as proclaimed by Peter Facinelli -- in attendance stood out. The predominately female audience was more than excited to see Taylor Lautner run into the crowd to give a fan a kiss, see a little skin from Kellan Lutz as he playfully peeled open his shirt, and even get hugs from the cast as they left the stage. Such moments were just an added bonus to the 15 minutes of action-packed clips from Hardwicke’s “Twilight” interpretation. Let’s just hope that the director and crew will do it all again when “New Moon” comes around (fingers crossed)!

Were you there too? Tell us what you thought of the event!

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