'Nine' Photo Reveals Nicole Kidman, Sophia Loren, Fergie, And Daniel Day-Lewis' Back

I'll go on record as saying I wasn't a tremendous admirer of "Chicago" nor of the fact it somehow walked away with a Best Picture statue(?!?) BUT I'm pretty curious about Rob Marshall's "Nine." For one thing it's a pretty good musical (I saw it on Broadway a few years back when it starred Antonio Banderas) based on awesome source material (Fellini's "8½"). For another it stars a truly intriguing assortment of female thespians, from Nicole Kidman and Fergie to Kate Hudson and Judi Dench.

And most importantly it stars Daniel frickin' Day-Lewis. Sure he drank your milkshake but this time he's going to sing and dance. Now THAT should be interesting. Here's a first look.