'Role Models' Star Paul Rudd Reveals Horribly Inappropriate Things He'd Do To McLovin

Yesterday we took you into the stuffed animal pit with Paul Rudd (and if you missed it, it's actually more bizarre than it even sounds) and today we want to treat you to some truly offensive chit-chat with the man. Rudd's new flick, "Role Models," is out today and it of course co-stars Christopher Mintz-Plasse or McLovin to those of you who still have "Superbad" on the brain.

So how do you keep things professional when you're working with a young man like Christopher? Apparently you don't. Check out this gem of a riff from Rudd.

If this and the claw pitt incident haven't sufficently Rudd-ed you out, then what the hell are you waiting for, watch the entire BIZARRE Paul Rudd Rough Cut right here.