Rumer Willis Confesses Twisted Acting Dream

Rumer WillisIn an article over at the MTV Mothership, we profiled Rumer Willis, who told us she's dying to be taken seriously as an actress. But if the 20-year-old scion had her way, you'd be the one dying, not her. Well, OK, not you either, necessarily — but someone!

"I would love to be the killer in something or be crazy," Willis laughed when asked what her dream film role would be. "One of the reasons why I love acting and why I think I always have is I've always been interested in psychology. When I was at USC, I started taking a few classes on it, and it's just always kind of interested me about why people do things, and I think there are a lot of actors that that's just why they started doing it — because they just want to find out why people do certain things. What interests me the most, and especially with serial killers and things like that — which is a little crazy, but whatever floats your boat — is that in their heads it's logical, you know what I mean? When they're killing people or whatever it is, there's a reason in their minds that they rationalize it, and I just think it's such an interesting thing and an amazing thing that as an actor, you get to be able to kind of go into that and figure why people do this."

Believe it or not, playing a female Hannibal Lecter-esque character has actually been a dream of Willis' since she was a child.

"I was the girl when I was little when I'd go see movies ... I remember watching 'Air Bud' one year ... and it was the last five minutes of the movies, and they're playing in the big game, and they're losing, and I'm all like, 'Dude, this sucks. I know he's gonna win,' " Willis said. "I want to see the bad guy win. I want to upset people."

An "Air Bud" reference, Rumer? Seriously?

"That probably ruined me!" Willis laughed. "Please don't judge me!"

Too late.

So, what do you think of her acting abilities? Will she ever be able to escape her parents' shadows? Could you see her as a serial killer or crazy person? Sound off on all your thoughts below.