Paul Rudd Denies 'Ghostbusters' Casting During Exclusive Stuffed Animal Booth Interview

Have you ever wanted to chat with one of your favorite actors in a pit filled with stuffed children's toys? Well if the answer to that is a resounding "hells yeah!" and you're a Pull Rudd admirer, you're about to be very jealous of me. In our brand spanking new Rough Cut interview with Paul Rudd I galavant around an arcade with the "Role Models" star. It begins with skeeball and ends in a giant contraption filled with plush toys. Watch the shenanigans below!

Now about those "Ghostbuters 3” rumors...I asked Paul once and for all if there's any truth to him signing on for the upcoming sequel. Here's what he had to say:

"No one has ever talked to me about it," he insisted. "It's not even written. I'm all excited like it's going to happen. It's like, 'Sweet, I have "Ghostbusters 3" coming up!' But it's not even true. I feel like because I read it online it must be happening."

So there you have it. No "Ghostbusters 3" for Paul. At least not yet. Be patient. We'll readdress this one when the script has actually been written.