'SNL' Star Rachel Dratch Gets Obnoxious In 'My Life In Ruins'

Rachel DratchYou know the stereotype of the ugly American? How we're loud, annoying, disrespectful, ignorant, unappreciative, act superior, think we're always right, and did I mention loud? Well, former "Saturday Night Live" star Rachel Dratch skewers all of those associations in her upcoming portrayal of the ultimate American tourist in the upcoming comedy, "My Life In Ruins."

"We're on a guided tour in Greece [led by Nia Vardalos]," Dratch said when we caught up with her at the premiere of "Synecdoche," "which meant we got to be in Spain and Greece," at such monumental locations as Delphia, Epidaurus, ancient Olympia, and the Acropolis, which the country's archaeological council green-lit for the first time to use on film.

"There's all sorts of tourists from all lands," Dratch explained, "and we're all a bit stereotypical. Like the Brits are really stuffy, and there are these Australians, and you can't understand a word they say. We all serve as the foil for Nia. We all get in her face."

Dratch and Harland Williams play Kim and Big Al, the obnoxious Americans, who would rather buy T-shirts and take photos than learn about history.

"We've got the fanny packs and the sneakers and all that," Dratch said. "I fall down a flight of stairs. We're always like, 'Huh?' and talking really loud and wearing loud clothing. We don't understand someone [in a different language] so we just talk louder."

Dratch said that her and Williams' roles are small ones -- and really, you'd only want them in small doses.

"It's probably a lesson in how not to behave," she said. "But I forgot, I didn't think of chewing gum really loudly too -- next time. I just lived up to the part. It was pretty easy."

Do you want to see Rachel Dratch do larger roles, or do you like her better in small doses, in cameos or on "SNL"?