Antonio Banderas Readies His Canvas For Salvadore Dali Biopic

Antonio BanderasSalvador Dali is enjoying a renaissance of interest, at least in Hollywood. There's three Dali biopics floating currently floating around in various stages of completion. The one getting the most buzz right now is "Little Ashes," which stars "Twilight" hottie Robert Pattinson as the young artist. Al Pacino is attached to play the painter in "Dali & I: The Surreal Story."

And now Dali may finally get an actor who hails from his home country of Spain, because according to Variety, Antonio Banderas wants a turn, and is in talks to play the painter in "Dali." That's less of a shocker than the director, who is none other than Simon West, more famous for action movies like "Con Air" and "Lara Croft: Tomb Raider" than indie biopics.

Then again, West's take sounds as crazy as any "Con Air" stunt -- and I mean that in a good way. The movie will blend music with CGI sequences in an effort to capture the trippy imagination of the artist's work.

The story will follow Dali's conquest of the world's art scene with sex, sin, and surrealism, and his loss of prestige due to scandal and misfortune.

According to West, the movie will focus on the artist's outrageous lifestyle, and his lifelong love affair with Gala, his wife, muse, and manager. This sounds more like a music video than an Oscar biopic, but it's unusual, and maybe that's just the right way to handle Dali. But in the end, maybe it comes down to which incarnation you prefer -- Robert Pattinson? Antiono Bandaras? Al Pacino? There's a Dali for everyone. How surreal!

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