'Bourne' Beauty Franke Potente Aims To Survive Deadly 'Wave'

Franke PotenteGerman beauty Franke Potente seems to love putting herself in harms way. She first came onto the scene in the breathless "Run Lola Run," tried to survive being Jason Bourne's girlfriend in "The Bourne Identity" and its sequel, "The Bourne Supremacy," and recently played a vicious mob boss on television's "The Shield."

Now she has to try to survive the open sea in "Wave," an indie thriller directed by Maria Ripoll, and penned by Marie-Laure Bertehlin and Greg Latter.

It's based on the true story of Louise Longo, chronicled in her autobiography "Let Me Survive." Longo, her husband Bernard, and their five-year-old daughter set out for a cruise in the Bay of Biscay, where they're slammed by a violent storm. They decided to opt for the liferaft rather than go down with their sailboat, and spent two weeks adrift at sea with no food or water. When the liferaft was finally rescued, only Louise had survived.

Once ashore, it was alleged that she killed her husband, accusations that plague her to this day. “What this woman went through is an unbelievable ordeal. Her life turns upside down and she has to defend herself to others as well as try and keep her sanity," says Potente.

Dougray Scott and Marianne Faithfull are also attached according to the film's IMDB page, and begins filming on February 9th. It has potential to be both depressing and thrilling -- and if nothing else, will show that not even nature should try to mess with Potente.

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