Barack Obama And John McCain Take Cues From ... Denzel Washington?

They were a study in contrasts behind their respective podiums: One conciliatory, holding back a deep sadness as he graciously accepted defeat. The other jubilant, smiling as he promised a new dawn for American politics.

President-elect Barack Obama and Senator John McCain no doubt had a lot of different emotions going through their heads as they each gave a speech after the election finally ended. Odd, then, that they both turned to the same man for support, the same man who could express so easily what they never could in words.

And that man was — Denzel Washington?

Movie lovers might have noticed that each man chose music from a Washington movie to play while walking offstage after their respective speeches. And, not for nothing, but we think they both made the perfect choice.

Consider: McCain left the Arizona stage to part of Hans Zimmer's score from "Crimson Tide." (This part, actually.) The 1995 Tony Scott film focused on a career Navy man (Gene Hackman), labeled a maverick by some, who is stripped of his authority and ultimately beaten by a young black guy, somewhat new to the scene (Washington).

Then there was Obama, who left the stage to the strings of Trevor Rabin's score from "Remember the Titans." The 2000 Disney/Bruckheimer joint? It followed an African-American coach who brought together whites and blacks to win a championship.

Hey, at least neither of them chose the "Manchurian Candidate" theme.

This is obviously more than coincidence, but is this genuinely telling? Someone chose these songs on purpose. What do they say about the candidates or campaigns, if anything? Will Bush's last speech end with the theme from "American Gangster"? Sound off below.