How Would The Harry Potter Characters Vote?

'Harry Potter'Ok, granted -- Harry Potter is underage. Harry Potter is British. And Harry Potter is, above all these things, fictional. But the Harry Potter Alliance, a social activist network which, among other things, runs Wrock the Vote, has been out there encouraging fans of the series to register to vote, and to vote in the spirit of J.K. Rowling's series.

Organizer Andrew Slack told MTV News that the Wrock the Vote initiative, in addition to registering "close to 900” voters, has been contacting "tens of thousands" of voters in each state about various ballot initiatives, both by phone and by text. The HP Alliance, however, is not endorsing a Presidential candidate, but they are endorsing "keeping love legal," Slack said.

"We are asking people to vote on on propositions that would take away same-sex marriage," Slack explained. "We talk about the importance of how J.K. Rowling says that Harry Potter is an extended argument in favor of tolerance. When Lupin, a werewolf, was afraid that his marriage to Tonks, a full-blood witch, would be considered unnatural, Professor McGonagall fires back that Dumbledore would have been happier than anyone to see a little more love in the world." (Dumbledore, himself, as we later learned, was also gay). (For California, that's a no on Proposition 8. In Florida, no on Question 2. In Arizona, no on Proposition 102).

If the last endorsement was in honor of Dumbledore, the next one is in honor of Hagrid and Care of Magical Creatures. The HP Alliance is also asking Californians to vote yes on Proposition 2, which would require that farm animals penned in cages not be so confined -- that they be allowed to lie down, stand up, fully extend their limbs, and turn around freely. (This would affect chickens, pigs, and calves).

"I happen to be a meat eater," Slack said, "but I don't want the animals who were killed to have lived a life of torture, unable to move or given any sense of freedom. Further, it makes meat less safe for all meat eaters. Hagrid would hope for no less!"

Now it's your turn. What else do you think Harry Potter would vote for?