Eric Bogosian Briefly Considers Re-Teaming With Nemesis Steven Seagal For 'Under Siege 3’

Eric Bogosian in 'Under Siege 2: Dark Territory'Steven Seagal recently told MTV News that he's been looking at offers for a third installment of his "Under Siege" series, which he would prefer to be more modern, even more sci-fi. If that's the case, could there be a little room for Travis Dane, who's faked his death at least once and perhaps didn't actually die at the end of "Under Siege 2: Dark Territory"?

"He hadn't talked to me about it," Eric Bogosian, who played Dane, told us when we caught up with him at the Directors Guild Honors. "But I had a blast doing it before. It's one of the most fun things I was ever involved with."

According to Bogosian, "people still come up to me in the street" to quote Travis Dane lines back to him, "things from the movie that I don't even remember." Like, "Yeah, I faked my own death and hijacked a passenger train because I care about who you're f---ing!." Or "If you try anything stupid, federal regulations require that I kill you."

"You know, it's funny, when we were making it, it was just another action movie," Bogosian said. "But weirdly, now, it's almost seminal. I watch other movies, and I go, 'That's a scene [inspired by 'Under Siege 2’], like when there's lots of big screens, ther'es a guy watching the screens, and the satellites show they're blowing up the world. It's like you've seen it before, in the close-ups."

So even though Dane falls from a helicopter into an explosion, he might have made it (After all, he made the fall off the train). And if there's a plausible explanation for his survival (or even if there's not), Bogosian is up for it.

"If we could do it with Geoff Murphy, the director [for 'Under Siege 2’], that would be a lot of fun," Bogosian said. "Geoff had a great sense of humor. It took us a while to get each other. I didn't realize I'd be dealin with a guy as funny as that, but once we started getting it, we were very in sync. So yeah, I'd be happy to do it again. It was a lot of fun."

So what say you, Seagalogists? Could you see Travis Dane coming back to life one more time?